Red Blue

Red Blue was my first solo exhibition. It happened in Blank, a stationery shop in Hong Kong. The show lasted for one month from 9th April to 8th May in 2016. I chose ink ball-pens of red and blue colors as my drawing tools. While people use these pens as their daily writing tools, I use them to draw. I look into the drawers of my childhood memories. There were good toys, stationery and tools. I am happy to be able to record them one by one through my pen. The late 80s to mid 90s was a golden era to me. Toys and stationery used to be simple and interesting. They were once important in my childhood and somehow they influenced how I live my life in this new era.

Most of the drawings are available for purchase.
They are within sizes from A5 to A3.
Please send your email inquiry to
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