Book Drawings (Obscura Magazine)

It is my pleasure to provide illustrations for this issue of 《Obscura》magazine. My task is to design and illustrate book covers of 5 virtual books that actually do not exist in real life. They maybe a book mentioned in a movie scene or a fiction chapter, or even a book that has existed in a cartoon comic. Although under this circumstance, I seemed to have much freedom to create. However, creating book covers does not equal to creating a painting. There are something that I have to care about. So the book covers will "look like book covers". For example, the proportion of the book title and the graphic image should be properly arranged. And the book title font should also reflect the character of the book. I was reading 《鈴木成一 裝丁物語》 along the process of my creation, hoping to get my brain pointing towards book cover design. All the 5 books have different personalities. I tried my best to apply various elements onto the covers. I hope the books will look alive in my drawings. If you wish to order the magazine online, visit here:

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