Furze Chan
Illustrator, lives and works in Hong Kong.
She creates drawings with neat and decent style, while emphasizing the quality of lines and shapes. She was consistently obsessed with objects that have interesting forms. Geometrical forms and graphical compositions were often seen in her works.
She has previously worked for various brands including Hightide, J.crew, WWF-Hong Kong and Aimez Le Style. She now contributes an illustration to the Obscura Magazine webzine on a weekly basis.
She started her own paper product brand "With her animal poetry" in 2009. It is a brand of joyfulness. The products include greeting cards, postcards and paper puppet kits.
Furze is also the owner of Ferse Verse shop, where she sells her collection of old objects.
Previously, she wrote under the writing column "Object Lesson" in Obscura Magazine, revealing the old stories
behind the objects from the past.

Solo Exhibition:  <Red Blue> at BLANK, April 9th to May 8th 2016

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